Manuscript name: Healing Alowam distinguishes between herpes and no man\u0026#39;s land
Category No: 213.8 / u. H
Author: Hussein bin Mohamed - and completed Salah Bin Ibrahim, Salah bin Jalal
General No: 2852
Author date: 662 e 805 e 805 e
Reference: Information (Taha) 3: 255 Great Mosque of Sana\u0026#39;a / Aldharbip: 86
Description: A good copy, copy bushy Mtoln
Material Description: null, "responseDetails": "invalid result data", "responseStatus": 40
Subject: Remarks on Islamic sects - Zaidi Fiqh
Referrals: A. Authors by. A copyist. D Date of Origin. Healing Alawam separation between Halal and Haram e. Healing Alawam in the science of the year and Conditions
Reproducer Name: Hussein Bin Jaber Jermosze
Copy Date: 1087 e
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