Manuscript name: Apple Rose to explain the poem Zainabiyya
Category No: 811.3 / T. Q
Author: Abdul Minty bin Salim bin Omar al-Shalabi, Asamlaoy
General No: 3135 g
Author date: -1127 E
Reference: Flags 299:4, House of Books 66:3
Description: A good copy, good copy bushy, Metn as red (i)
Material Description: 59 BC 23 x 16.5x23.5 cm
Subject: Poetry, the first Abbasid
Referrals: A - Asamlaoy, Abdul Minty bin Salim -1127 e b - burner c - d Date of Origin - Sunni delight in explaining the poem Zainabiyya e - Masterpiece Sunni Zainabiyya and explain the poem - the poem explained
Reproducer Name: Muhammad ibn Muhammad Gatekeeper
Copy Date: 1277 e
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