Manuscript name: Court genius built Shiban
Category No: 811.2 / d. N
Author: Genius Shaibani, Almkharq bin Abdullah bin Salim bin Qais bin entente
General No: 2114
Author date: 125 AH
Reference: Information 4: 279, Authors Glossary 6: 148
Description: Hasan copy, copy their path, headers, paragraph as red, printed
Material Description: 32 s, 21 o; 26 × 17.5 cm
Subject: 1 - hair, the age of Islam and the Umayyad Arab-language literature
Referrals: A genius Shaibani, Abdullah bin Almkharq, 125 e, b burner, c Date of Origin
Reproducer Name: Musa Abdul Hameed
Copy Date: The thirteenth century AH
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