Manuscript name: OS enlightening in helping to learn some words of our Lord Mani Wise
Category No: 212 / o. X
Author: Mohammed bin Ahmed Al-Sherbini, Shams al-Din
General No: 3793
Author date: 977 e
Reference: Information 6: 234, Lexicon Publications 1: 1108
Description: A good copy, minus the part of the other, unusual bushy copy (printed)
Material Description: 4 mg (510 + 490 + 629 + 550 s), the ruler different - different size
Subject: Interpretation, the Holy Quran and its Sciences
Referrals: A. Khatib El-Sherbini, Mohamed Ibn Ahmad year 977 AH. B. The name of the copyist c. A historic copy d. Interpretation of al-Khatib El-Sherbini
Reproducer Name: Mohamed Ahmed El-Sawi
Copy Date: 1268 e
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