Manuscript name: Fattah supply clarification and explanation of Nour survival of life
Category No: 216.2 / a. U
Author: Alhernblali, Hassan Ben Ammar
General No: 6512
Author date: 1069 e
Reference: Information 2: 225 virtual (Hanafi) 1: 77
Description: Hasan copy, copy bushy accurate, Boolha contents of the book in three pages, s 45 - 54 fallen
Material Description: 235 s 35 x 22.5 × 14.5 cm
Subject: Worship, Islamic jurisprudence and assets
Referrals: A. Author b. A copyist. D Date of Origin. Explanation e Noor clarification. Explanation Alhernblali Noor clarification, for the introduction and the survival of life
Reproducer Name: Mohammed bin Ali bin-loving religion
Copy Date: 1035 e
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