Manuscript name: Articles on the fundamental keys silk
Category No: 814 / m. A
Author: Elias Ibn Khayr al-Din ibn Taj al-Din Ilyas
General No: 849
Author date: 1127 e
Reference: Media (i 4) 2: 327 Dar Al Kutub 367:3
Description: A good copy, copy bushy authors explain the unusual and supplemented by the author to explain Zamzami silk Standings
Material Description: 277 s 33 x 18.5x29 cm
Subject: Standings, Arabic-language literature
Referrals: A - authors b - burner c - d Date of Origin - sequel to explain Zamzami e - Explanation Khairuddin civil shrines silk - Explanation Elias Ibn Standings g silk - silk explain Standings
Reproducer Name: Ahmed bin Abdullah bin Abdullah muezzin Alady
Copy Date: null, "responseDetails": "invalid result data", "responseStatus": 40
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