Manuscript name: Hacbp Alpajuri to explain Ibn Qasim Ghazzi on board Abe brave, a piece of him
Category No: 217.3 / h. B
Author: Alpajuri / Ibrahim bin Mohammed
General No: 3810 g
Author date: 1276 e
Reference: Media (i 4) 1: 71 in which the author\u0026#39;s death in 1277 his books to preempt the Egyptian 1: 511
Description: A good copy, lacking the first and the other, unusual bushy copies, printed in Egypt in 1272 AH in the Index Library
Material Description: 10 s, 25 h; 24 × 17 cm
Subject: Shafi\u0026#39;i school
Referrals: A - B Authors - C Date of Origin - a footnote to open near the respondent\u0026#39;s interpretation of the words the order d - a footnote to say in explaining the chosen shortcut too
Reproducer Name:
Copy Date: S 12 e
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