Manuscript name: Explicit statement of a successful reasonable correctly transferred, c 2
Category No: 214.1 b c
Author: Halim bin Ahmad bin Abdul Salam bin Abdullah bin Abu Kassim Green Numairi Harrani Damascus Hambali, Abu Abbas, Taqi al-Din
General No: 2109
Author date: (661 to 728 e)
Reference: Dar Al Kutub 166:1, 140:1 media
Description: A good copy, copy bushy usual, punctuated by blank as originally
Material Description: 227 BC the ruler various 17x24.5 cm
Subject: Divinities, the origins of religion
Referrals: A - Ibn Taymiyya, Ahmed bin Abdel Halim (661 to 728 e) b - Date of Origin
Reproducer Name:
Copy Date: 1287
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