Manuscript name: The right of the Whole
Category No: 213.4 / c. B
Author: Al-Bukhari, Muhammad ibn Ismail
General No: 7294
Author date: 256 AH
Reference: Information 6: 258, revealed misgivings 1: 541
Description: A copy center, bushy Andalusian reciter, damaged by termites, printing times, most recently at Astana in 1325 AH, the first book begins and ends with a door Sadaqat al-Fitr on the small and large
Material Description: C 1 (204 s), 20 S.; 25 × 19.5 cm
Subject: 1 - Books Alstp, talk
Referrals: A copyright, by Date of Origin, c Sahih Al-Bukhari
Reproducer Name:
Copy Date: The twelfth century AH
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